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Managed Detection Partnered Response

A true partnership in managed security

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Providing an insider’s approach to customized security solutions

Viasat’s Managed Detection Partnered Response (MDPR) solution is a more holistic, human approach to partnered security. Compared to today’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) stand-alone offerings, MDPR invests in your success first — working side by side with you to create a customized solution.

Strengthen and accelerate your current security approach

Partnering with our full-service MDPR team gives you a customized security solution without having to become a cybersecurity tech stack expert yourself. MDPR包括:

  • World-class security operations center (SOC)
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) build and integration
  • Network and endpoint detection and response
  • 状态检查 and 白色手套的支持
  • Immersive cyber security operations center (CSOC) training
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Managed Detection Partnered Response Benefits


Our team of dedicated analysts secure a diverse set of networks that serve a variety of users ranging from our residential internet service provider (ISP) customers to the senior leadership of the United States. We are proud to be an American Security Today award winner for “Best Cyber Security Program for Government or Military.” 

SIEM build and integration

We add and manage custom correlation 搜索es, 指示板, and third-party tools in support of your SIEM and security requirements as requested and provide tailored applications and support to help bolster monitoring and analysis.

Network and endpoint detection

We use network and endpoint telemetry data to enable real-time interrogation of internal traffic (e.g., east/west and north/south) to perform threat detection and respond to security incidents regardless of where the adversary may be trying to gain a foothold. 

状态检查 & 白色手套的支持

In conjunction with submitting monthly reports, Viasat will hold actual meetings with your security team. 在日常生活中, this service provides white glove hand-in-hand support with 24/7/365 managed detection and partnered response, 松弛生活频道, 和分配的分析师. 

Immersive CSOC training

Our immersive CSOC training for detection and response is an instructor-led experience where members of your security team have the opportunity to train with ours in the MDPR environment. This means that you train with the actual information and SIEM that you use on a daily basis, giving you truly relevant preparation that strengthens our partnership and increases your security team’s knowledge and response time.

Protect your data and networks with top-of-the-line, efficient cybersecurity

Our professional and managed cybersecurity 服务 help protect your proprietary data and networks. We have a proven track record of providing comprehensive, actionable insights for some of the toughest security challenges across government and commercial organizations — including our own operational networks. 

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Delivering high-quality, secure, uninterrupted connectivity

As a worldwide satellite ISP, we’ve secured our own operational networks for years to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted connectivity. 在日常生活中, over 2.4 billion events occur on our network. We use big data analytics to understand those events and create novel threat intelligence, which mitigates future attacks from reaching our customers. Coupled with our history as a longtime defense contractor, we have insight into the some of the most sophisticated, well-funded attacks — giving us the edge to adapt rapidly and stay ahead of what’s to come. 

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